Web site design for New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ. Multiple designs were done for different sections of the facility:
This landing page design is for their Thunderbolt Raceway, used for both motorcycle and auto racing.
Creative direction: Gus Magezzeni, Barlen Group, Huntingdon Valley, PA.

Current site for Rick Lawton Drums (www.sticksandskins.com)
WYSIWYG page layout, copy writing, some code, content management

From Photo selection to retouching, book cover design, interior photography and icon design,
this layout for Council's internal internet was design on Mac and PC over a weekend.
Visual UI design handed over to developers as art director.

As part of initial designs on web site team, mobile designs like this were always done, as interactive design for mobile was considered a necessary,standard approach. Never got leadership buy-in
for regular monthly or quarterly communications.

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