About Tony B
This is where I keep the resume, a photo...like that.
Web, Interactive, Video & Packaging
Identity Design: Logos & Logotypes
A critical first impression, the logo is a huge part of brand development. I follow through, and design full brand identity programs.
Web and Mobile Design for Philadelphia
As sole visual designer for all of Council's visual assets, everything down to the icons on our Intranet was designed by my team.
City Council Brand Building Campaign
Crafted a campaign of ads, posters, and out-of-home marketing, to explain to Council's consituents exactly what City Council is responsible for.
Philadelphia Council Identity Standards
After joining the team as Philadelphia City Council's first-ever Art Director and designing Council's logo, I created a comprehensive brand identity guide (and conducted training) to help with the transition.
Design for Motorsports facility
While at The Barlen Group in Huntingdon Valley, Pa, I designed a number of things for their client, New Jersey Motorsports Park. • Creative Direction from Gus Magezzeni
Ad Design & Direct Mail
Ad design has been part of my career from the beginning, and normally includes photography, photo art direction, and working with clients and senior decision makers.
A children's book makes its 2018 holiday deadline...
Laid out the plan for online Print On Demand, did all scans, designed all pages, and crafted final digital production files for Zigfree and the gang up in the North Pole.
Photography & Photo Retouching
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