Mandate when creating Art Director's position in the Office of the President was to help design, drive, and train Council members and their staff on building a new, upgraded brand.
First was the announcement of my hiring, background, and intentions,
and next was the new logo, designed within first 30 days.

Part of mandate on joining Council was to establish an in-house design studio,
which I named Council Creative Group. With interns and staff, designs were created
for print, digital and traditional signage, web banners, web design and 
large format event promotions.

Event logotype designed for full campaign, from flags to digital
signage, web banners and social media.

Designed as part of "proof of concept" samples for new direct marketing
technology and business division while Sr. Art Director at Imtek Direct Marketing.
No such Mercedes dealership exists in Darien, CT.

Tony Buford Graphic Design PlungeMate Philadelphia

Research showed that this new concept needed explanation.
So the colorful descriptive "visual clue" became part of the logo.

Multi-use logo was designed for PVAC, intended to tie together their many
touch points and build confidence and trust with
Philadelphia-area Veterans.

Music Connecting Character Logo Design by Tony Buford
Logical step, moving from working with musicians to working with musicians at MC Square, who did events for grade-school children as a Character Development initiative.
Fun fact: the inclusion of an actual "character" in the logo design was unintentional and unknown, until the client said, "I really like the one with the Guitar Guy in it."
TJ Nix logo design by Tony Buford

Logo for concert promoter's umbrella company, covering bands, promotions,
and web site management.

Gladman Records logo design by Tony Buford

Independent label Gladman Records needed custom identification.
Modified font, added specially-styled color approach.

Endangered Species Band logo designed by Tony Buford

New Jersey expats are the band Endangered Species from Grand Rapids, MI. Logos, sportswear...short-lived event.

Investigated the market, and after discussing his vision for the firm, I crafted this logo for Dr. William Franckle, to begin developing a more complete brand identity.

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